Mavens are tenured businesses that often find it difficult to innovate quickly. Firstly we identify their business transformation objectives; then we scout for entrepreneurs already tackling these issues.

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Mavericks are entrepreneurs with the potential to transform industries through disruptive and agile thinking. We help them to forge the right alliances, apply rigour and adopt process to achieve scale faster.

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We gain an understanding of your objectives, establish your business development, innovation and marketing needs and identify the problems to solve.


We harness the power of our network to source relevant Mavericks (entrepreneurs) already tackling the issues.


We introduce you to Mavericks that meet your business development, innovation and marketing needs.


We facilitate internal and external engagement with the entrepreneurial ecosystem keeping both the Mavens & Mavericks on track.


We advise on the structure and processes required to deliver business outcomes, measuring success via customer feedback, brand and media awareness.*