An IoT startup changing the way digital freight is managed by applying blockchain to the logistics industry. A fully integrated system for freight quoting, dispatch, capacity management, load matching and real-time asset tracking.

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We handpicked Cory Skinner, an alumnus of INFINITI LAB and the founder of RoadLaunch, as a Mavens & Mavericks client. We instantly shared his passion for the industry transformation that his technology could deliver.

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Based on his ambitious expansion plans, we provided him with strategic counsel and advice on the best path to achieve his growth ambitions.

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The first part of positioning RoadLaunch for growth was to revamp the company website and refine the brand’s messaging. With a clear value proposition and defined target audiences, Cory was able to conduct highly targeted conversations with each of his prospective partners.

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We advised him on a range of partnership opportunities and activated introductions to select investors within our network.

We leveraged our contacts with government bodies and key influencers to ensure RoadLaunch maintained high visibility in the Canadian and Asian startup ecosystem following the completion of Cory’s INFINITI LAB Toronto accelerator experience.

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During 2018 Cory merged his business with a US-based transportation partner and expanded his footprint to Asia.

As a result of his collaboration with IBM Watson, he has pioneered the integration of of blockchain technology within the logistics industry.