An online marketplace helping women fast-track their career development. Connects female subject matter experts to professional speaking opportunities at major events, together with online coaching and mentoring.

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Our passion for events and supporting female empowerment motivated us to work with VoXo, one of Mavens & Mavericks’ first clients.

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Mavens & Mavericks brought an event planner’s perspective to help VoXo’s co-founders fine-tune their value proposition. We balanced the mindset of working with entrepreneurs whilst maintaining the rigour and professionalism expected by big business.

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We were able to complement the co-founders’ idea by mapping out key deliverables, accountabilities and deadlines using expert project planning tools. We crafted a framework for articulating their brand, mission and vision, including copywriting and messaging for investor presentations.

We were on-hand to provide 1:1 advice to the co-founders on mapping out their business priorities and establishing a realistic go-to-market plan.

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Thanks to our extensive network in the events industry, we convened leading event industry professionals for a ‘think-tank’ session. This enabled the co-founders of VoXo to conduct a ‘beta test’ platform demo, whilst hearing first-hand market feedback from its target customers.

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Based on the think-tank feedback, we generated a clear report of focus areas for the co-founders to address. This enabled them to streamline the VoXo value proposition and prioritise their efforts.

As a result, the company transitioned from the idea stage into raising their first seed round of investment and developing their Minimum Viable Product (MVP).